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Where are you in time and space?

I begin sessions with this question to carve a foothold into the connection within yourself. Wherever you are moment-to-moment, I aim to follow with compassion and curiosity. Using wonder and inquiry, tell me the details of your experience so we can weave the parts of you together.

​I believe that forming connections with self and others are a huge part of life. In the room with me, I’ve found it’s beneficial for my clients to notice how they create (or isolate from) connection, especially through the relationship we build as client and therapist. 

Using pieces of diverse therapies, I hope to create a unique counseling experience. Through a collaborative effort, I like to have my clients leave feeling driven and accomplished. Let’s also not forget to insert playfulness and creativity wherever we can.

No matter what you’re going through, whether it be apprehension about major decisions; mourning losses; or experiencing stagnation, there is hope.
Let’s explore together to come back into affinity and appreciation of you

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